No-Stop Chongqing

A young woman with shoulder length brown hair and bangs, wearing a long sleeve black shirt.
  • Jing Wang, B.Arch. 2020
  • Hometown

    Changsha, China

Jing Wang is a 2020 graduate in the Bachelor of Architecture program at Cornell University. ​She is interested in critical and comparative studies of the visual culture of modern cities.

No-Stop Chongqing 1.0* looks at the two most important layers of Chongqing contemporary cityscape: its infrastructure and its mountainous topography. Through analyzing the omnipresent infrastructure, highways, and elevated interchanges this project explores its relationship with topography and proposes a new possibility for housing. 

The design uses a continuous ramp as a regulating tool for spaces and programs. It asks these questions of this booming "Bridge City:" can infrastructure be occupiable? If yes, then how?

Paths ramping at a constant angle are created to circulate through the Chongqing-esque landscape. Not only do they provide the elderly a milder way to circulate, these paths also expand and create spaces that nurture the spontaneity and connectivity in the community life of the local elderly population.

*No-Stop Chongqing 2.0 is the title of the Wang's bachelor's thesis that further explores and criticizes Chongqing's displaced relationship between the topography and contemporary real estate development.

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