Group Project Nanotechnology Research Center

This nanotechnology center consists of customized laboratories and fabrication spaces. The design of this center not only creates spaces for interdisciplinary research teams but also focuses on creating a space for the next generation of scientists and designers. Using parametric design strategies, this project enhances two type of spaces: the enclosed space of the laboratories and the in-between spaces for collaborative research.

The design approach for the center is to filter people into the building, allow for easy circulation, and showcase the new generations of technology to the public. Laboratories are more private spaces inside the "pods." The design of each pod separates public and private spaces and also filters light, sound, air, and other factors that may affect the machines within the building. Research spaces and a library are nested between the curvatures of these pods. The spaces in between also hold other programs such as a software center, idea labs, and a café, among others.

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