Misreading Wegmans

headshot of young woman with dark hair in front of a white wall
  • Angela Afandi, M.Arch. 2012
  • Hometown

    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Class

    ARCH 8912 Independent Design Thesis
  • Instructor

    Andrea Simitch

De-familiarizing the familiar. Spaces become familiar to us through their recurrence in our lives again and again to the point that we cease to pay attention. This thesis seeks to de-familiarize the ordinary, in order to give attention to the ordinary.  I am taking Wegmans, a familiar place for the city of Ithaca, NY, and a familiar architectural typology of a supermarket, and de-familiarizing it through architectural representation. I am representing, again and again, misreadings of this one supermarket to reveal hidden spaces which are concealed within its banal exterior. Thus, these unfamiliar representations of Wegmans become the working drawings of imagining the ordinary supermarket.

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