Light / Smoke

The primary conditions of this project revolve around the properties of the elements of smoke, light, and water, especially how they are affected by gravity. The two inhabitants, the Tea Maker and the Relic Keeper are the initiators of the elements’ movements. The smoke is generated by the incense burned by the Relic Keeper and guided by a series of slanted roofs meandering up to smoke the tea leaves hanging from the ceiling in the top tower. The light shafts illuminate the bottom tower by allowing light to cut through the island. However, when the trees are in full bloom, the openings are blocked. Only when the Tea Maker prunes the tree leaves are the shafts functional. The water is collected from the rain by the Tea Maker to not only clean the leaves but also to provide water for the tea making process. When the water is released, it trickles down through the central pipe along slanted roofs, pooling at the bottom. This is the cleaning site for the Relic Keeper who has been working in smoke.

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