Group Project Incremental Bogotá

  • Anamika Goyal, M.Arch. 2017
    Warisara Nice Sudswong, M.Arch. 2017
  • Class

    ARCH 5115 Core Design Studio V
  • Instructor

    Lily Chi
    Visiting Critic Julian Palacio

This studio studied urban, environmental, economic, and social forces to inform the design of an affordable housing complex. The studio challenged the role of architect and user by encouraging students to design a system for incremental change by residents over time. After a site visit to Bogotá, Colombia, systems and forces acting on the whole city and on the site were explored through mapping. Goyal and Sudswong explored unit configurations, materials, and structural systems to design the retail, housing, and public spaces on site. They are employing a plug-in system based on a concrete frame and static wet-wall to support incremental growth by residents to suit their changing needs. Construction materials, outdoor raw spaces, and community green spaces were designed after studying daily life, urban trends, and climate in Bogotá.

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