Gansevoort Barge Park

portrait of a young man with sunglasses on top of his head holding a large steering wheel
  • Christopher Battaglia, M.Arch. 2017
  • Hometown

    Union Vale, New York
  • Class

    ARCH 5114 Core Design Studio IV (spring 2015)
  • Instructor

    Visiting Critic Marc Tsurumaki

The burden of Manhattan's trash and recyclables has historically been placed upon the underprivileged neighborhoods of the outer boroughs. With the creation of the Gansevoort Marine Transfer Station (MTS), all of Manhattan's residential recyclable waste will be barged from Manhattan to processing facilities in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

This proposal aims at creating a deployable agricultural park and organic waste composting center, in addition to the MTS program. Tapping into the already extensive barge network existing in New York Harbor, these deployable parks can be transported to the communities that still receive the majority of Manhattan's waste. Compost produced in the towers of the MTS would nourish the park, along with creating the organic material needed to fertilize the entire New York City park system. Working with agricultural farms in the Hudson Valley, seasonal crops can be floated down the Hudson River to Gansevoort Street potentially bringing apple orchards to Manhattanites.

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