Dynamic Strata

black and white headshot of a young man with dark hair and a beard wearing a dark jacket and white shirt
  • Gary Esposito, M.Arch. 2019
  • Hometown

    San Diego, California
  • Class

    ARCH 5112 Core Studio II
  • Instructor

    Associate Professor Lily Chi
    Visiting Critic Julian Palacio

The urban topology is a continuation of a dynamic landscape, manipulated through a series of calibrated bends and folds that reframe and intensify existing urban conditions. Between the undulating surfaces, space expands and contracts, creating new destinations and opportunities for discovery. These sequential shifts in the horizon result in both interior and exterior effects such as scaler change, edge conditions, lighting, and viewing variations. These effects promote urban encounters as the inhabitants navigate through the oscillation of space, rediscovering the context through their own journey. The proposal is designed in two phases, Ithaca Year 1 and Ithaca Year X. The project's evolution between phases is constructed to bridge the growing economic and social divide between Cornell University and the city of Ithaca. The result is a series of manipulated strata that frame the city while expanding and contracting space to form areas of social interaction and discovery.

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