Group Project Design Connect: Town of Berkshire Recreation Plan

  • Hannah Plummer, M.R.P. 2018
    Tony Widjarnarso, M.R.P. 2017
    Kamsy Anyachebelu, B.S. URS 2017
    Irene Bae, B.S. 2018
    Andrew Berger, 2022
    Gabe Curran, M.R.P. 2018
    Richa Gupta, M.R.P. 2018
    Tim Kim, B.S. URS 2019
    Hemangi Modi, B.A. 2017
    Jun Su Park, B.S. 2019
    Yanis Park, B.S. 2020
    Avery Riester, B.S. URS 2019
    Lela Robinson, B.S. URS 2020
    Hassan Saleem, B.S. URS 2020
    Olivia So, B.S. URS 2017
    Jenny Yi, B.Arch. 2021
    Davis Zhu, B.Arch. 2021
  • Instructor

    Michael Tomlan

In spring 2017, the Town of Berkshire Recreation Committee worked with Design Connect students to develop a recreation plan for the Town of Berkshire that would include a playground, walking trails, improved access to Owego Creek, and other recreation facilities for all ages. The aim of the project was to engage the town in a planning charrette process to develop designs that reflect the community desires for recreational facilities and take advantage of existing open space.

The Town of Berkshire was established in 1791 as "Brown's Settlement," and has been a locus of lumber production and agriculture since its beginning. With a population of approximately 1,400 residents, the town presently offers a rich variety of community events and opportunities for citizen engagement in town life. The Blueberry Festival, Maple Festival, and events hosted by the fire department and public library are evidence of the community's rich social fabric. The development of the Berkshire Recreation Plan was intended to provide additional opportunities within the town for active recreation, to encourage public gathering spaces, and to strengthen Berkshire as a thriving community.

In addition to AAP, students from the following colleges collaborated on the project: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Human Ecology.

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