Body | Armor

headshot of a woman with long dark hair tucked behind one ear
  • Helena Rong, B.Arch. 2017
  • Hometown

    Vancouver, Canada
  • Class

    ARCH 1101 Design I (First-Year Studio)
  • Instructor

    Associate Professor Val Warke
    Visiting Associate Professor Jim Williamson

Through process of critical discovery and conceptual dissection to develop an expertise in uncovering the unfamiliar in the familiar, the lacrosse glove is reconstructed using restructuring and adaptations of its original components. The reassembled object is then abstracted: a systematic field of connections that not only mimics, but idealizes and represents a reconstruction of the essential components explores the vital relations between object, structure, superstructure, and site. The final phase of this project features development of a set of schemes, and an eventual production of an architectural proposal. The “fetish” evolves to adapt to the given situation to include a basic interpretive program that facilitates movement and perception.

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