Group Project Bike + Station

The Navy Yard is comprised primarily of corporations operating independently from each other. In contrast, Clancy and Monastirsky propose a coworking space and transportation hub with a focus on cycling, which will increase the connectivity of the Navy Yard as a whole and provide a space of urban encounter. The intervention services existing employees and also incorporates Philadelphia's growing young creative class.

The massive warships on the site have been rendered peaceful in an array of pastel colors. The proposed building plays with this juxtaposition of hardness and softness in color, materiality, and formal qualities. A mesh of steel frames houses ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) pillows that vary in size to provide better views and different levels of light entry. This variation is dictated by the direction of the sun and neighboring attractions.

The building is lifted on steel legs, matching the scale of the ships and creating a public park beneath the structure. This allows pedestrian and bike traffic to move fluidly through the site. Above, an interdisciplinary workspace provides a platform and a series of stages and private pods for networking, gathering, and performance. The communal nature of the interior invites members of the shipyard business campus to collaborate with the freelance community.

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