Adalaj Preschool

headshot of a young man with dark hair and glasses wearing a plaid shirt and jacket with buildings behind him
  • Justin Foo, B.Arch. 2018
  • Hometown

    Singapore, Singapore
  • Class

    ARCH 1102 Design II (First-Year Studio)
  • Instructor

    Associate Professor Val Warke
    Visiting Assistant Professor Iñaqui Carnicero

The Adalaj Preschool operates on two scales: the narrow, formalized spaces for learning managed by adults and the shaded, subterranean playground where the child is king. Corridors, rooms, walls, and floors are always articulated from each other. This allows the teachers to supervise the children on the lower levels while utilizing Adalaj's long daylight hours to illuminate the spaces below. The body and view are constantly compressed between cracks of concrete before being released at the abyssal well. The preschool was reimagined as a place of fearless discovery, as well as an homage to Adalaj's history and to the elemental forces of Mother Earth.


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