Anushi Garg

Delhi, India

One reason I chose Cornell AAP was its multidisciplinary and flexible outlook.

Why did you choose Cornell and AAP?

One reason I chose Cornell AAP was its multidisciplinary and flexible outlook. As someone with diverse interests not necessarily strictly limited to the planning department, it has allowed me the flexibility to choose classes in any of the other wide range of departments at the university which has been the greatest positive. Cornell University is one of the most prestigious universities and it promised a large pool of resources to support both my academic as well as professional endeavors. In that regard, the faculty has a wide range of research and interests.

What inspired you to join the field of city and regional planning?

My architecture undergraduate degree showed me cities in a physical sense, but there were gaps in my knowledge of urban development dynamics and the different dimensions and processes that make a city. I felt that the field of city and regional planning would provide me the opportunity to build a framework of practical approaches that would translate my work into meaningful actions.

What experiences have contributed to your sense of belonging at AAP?

The department as a whole is a really warm and welcoming one. The students, faculty, and staff want you to have access to all the resources and find your way around what can become an intimidating environment, especially for an international student. The student council has also been a great way to participate in department activities.

What are your extracurricular interests and how have you incorporated them into your college life?

I strongly believe in extracurricular activities to remain positive and motivated. I really enjoy indulging in hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, painting, etc. Since coming here I have really started enjoying cooking and experimenting with food. I also like learning new things, and one of my favorite classes at Cornell has been swimming. Other than that I enjoy watching films. I am also a secretary of the Organization of Cornell Planners.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time at AAP and after graduation?

During my time in CRP, I hope to expand my knowledge and interests, as well as learn practical skills that can help me in the field. Coming from a place where critical thinking wasn't naturally included in the education system, my main aim is to think and read critically, which I think are intangible skills that are valuable anywhere you go. I hope that after graduation I can continue learning and doing work that is impactful.

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