Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn: Brick and Tropical Architecture

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Brick building containing a concrete pool with water.

Long An House located at My Hanh Nam, Ward, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam. image / Oki Hiroyuki

Tropical space was founded in 2011 by two architects — Nguyễn Hải Long and Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn.

Nguyễn Hải Long graduated in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree from the Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture and completed his Master's Degree in 2008 at the same school. Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn also obtained her Bachelor's Degree at the Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture in 2003. They both grew up with a passion for architecture, art, music, and design. 

Living in a tropical environment, realizing that architecture could influence how people live in harmony with their surroundings, the architects want to encourage and inspire this idea through their works. 

There are two main design influences in every Tropical Space project — sculpture and climate. Everything starts with a response to the local climate and mitigating the effects of climate change. Initially, these are practical design choices, however, Tropical Space's architecture style is inspired by sculptural forms and simple shapes. 

It is important that the buildings are not just a reflection of the architects but also a reflection of the people who inhabit the space. Therefore, besides looking closely at the location and surrounding landscape, the architects also want to understand the story of the owners.

Being consistent in their works and architectural languages, Tropical Space wants to inspire other people to live a simple life, to use enough but not more than is needed. This is shown by their architectural designs and material choices and people can apply that to all areas of their lives.

Introduction by Rodolfo Reis Dias.

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