Theo Lim and Antwyne Calloway: Trauma-Informed Healing-Centered Planning — Transformations in the Face of Global Climate Change

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Trauma deeply influences many contexts in which planners operate. And the effects of global climate change are already disproportionately impacting communities that have experienced trauma, exacerbating the effects.  In order to effectively engage with these communities, increased attention is being paid to "trauma-informed and healing-centered" (TIHC) practices, which has roots in mental and behavioral health service provision. Less addressed is how broader systemic transformation of the unjust institutions of planning can occur through TIHC methods. This talk presents experiences trying to operationalize the principles of TIHC planning through several participatory action research projects in Roanoke, Virginia. The talk will touch on the roles of local and scientific knowledge in planning, intergenerational community engagement, and the prospects of achieving personal and broader cultural transformation within the institutions of planning.


Theo Lim

Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Theo Lim is an assistant professor of urban affairs and planning in Virginia Tech's School of Public and International Affairs. He specializes in research and teaching in urban environmental and climate adaptation planning, environmental science-policy interfaces, and community engagement. He is currently the principal investigator of several projects funded by the NSF CAREER Program, the NSF CIVIC Innovation Program, and NOAA's Environmental Literacy Program. Lim also serves on the editorial team of the journal Planning Theory & Practice.

Outside academia, Lim has worked in community organizing, civil and environmental engineering and infrastructure masterplanning, public health, and in the agriculture technology industry. He received his Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, Master in Environmental Science from Tsinghua University, and bachelor's degree in Immigrant Studies from Swarthmore College. He grew up in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and has also lived in New York City, Philadelphia, Oakland, St. Louis, and Beijing, China. He now resides with his wife, son, and dog in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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Antwyne Calloway

President and Executive Director of NNEO Inc.

Antwyne (pronounced Antoine) Calloway is the President and Executive Director of NNEO Inc., an African-American owned and operated non-profit providing affordable housing options and community development of neighborhood infrastructure. With an impressive track record of more than two decades of service, Calloway has actively participated in key initiatives to address the social determinants of health that impact communities. He played a pivotal role as a leadership member of the City of Roanoke's Study Committee to Reduce Gun Violence, showcasing his dedication to fostering a safer and more secure environment. Additionally, he has lent his expertise to City of Roanoke's Board of Zoning Appeals, demonstrating a keen understanding of the intricacies of urban planning and development. Calloway's influence extends far beyond the confines of his official roles. He is a respected figure on various boards, committees, and advisory groups, where his insights are sought after and valued. His multifaceted approach to community development reflects a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of social, economic, and urban dynamics. Calloway currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia, with his beautiful wife and five children.


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