Isabel Padilla Bonelli + Havily Nwakuche: Woven Within Me

Collage of lace, knit material, tape measure, and a pink image imposed on fabric of a young dark skinned girl in a white frilly dress. The show title, date, and artist names are included in purple text.

image / provided

The works curated for Woven Within Me were created by Isabel Padilla Bonelli (B.F.A. '23) and Havily Nwakuche (B.F.A. '25) as a form of representational portraiture through textile objects. This exhibition weaves together the intimacies of black womanhood, domesticity, and familial pasts through the practice of collage, quilting, and embroidery. Pattern making and fabric design are part of the visual language the artists use to depict a self-portrait, both figuratively and representationally, using the woven and worn object as a connecting point for viewers to see a reflection of themselves through our myriad of personal experiences.

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