Sydney Rose Maubert: Intimacies of the Walls

Digital rendering of a cityscape overlaid with blue grids and imagery of people

Collage representing how Miami's racial sensorium shaped its cityscape, materialized in its segregation walls, veiling the characteristic shotgun housing and Liberty Square. image / provided

This exhibition seeks to examine the conditions that precipitated the disappearance of Miami's shotgun house. Tracing the historiography of the shotgun house from its origins in pre-colonial West Africa to its most recent mutation in 1939 Miami’s Liberty Square housing, a 243 one- to two-story unit project, I chart the ways that the shotgun horizontally expanded urban environments, mediated processes of racial perception and tension in the United States, prompted by the end of Reconstruction, mass migrations, and immigrations.

This event is showcasing the works of Sydney Rose Maubert, related to her seminar course Intimacies of the Walls. It seeks to examine the way that race altered the cityscape, and the ways that racial conceptions informed its informal architecture and economies. It views Miami through a black femme lens.

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