Anna Dietzsch: Acts of Resiliency | Haudenosaunee Voices

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Graphic of Upstate New York map overlaid with imagery of corn husks and a wampum belt.

Collage of military track map, Onondaga wampum belt, and Haudenosaunee strawberry popcorn corn. image / provided

This video installation is a call for recognition and reflection about the Haudenosaunee's silenced presence at Cornell and in their own homeland in Western New York. The juxtaposition of (graphic) data about Haudenosaunee culture and history next to interviews with Haudenosaunee women about their work and projects seeks to establish a first-person narrative about empowerment, cultural resiliency, and alterity.

Videos and drawings were produced with the help of a large number of people, including Amber Adams, Gerry Fisher, Angela Ferguson, Tori Vuono, Laszlo Kovacs, and many talented students from Cornell AAP, including Abigail Calva, Arseny Pekurovsky, Cynthia Kuo, JiaLiang Huang, Jin K. Cho, Jun Hu, Nicolas Leonard, Rex Miller, Shujie Liu, Shhrruti Jain, Sophia Bachas-Daunert, Yi Xu, Yuxuan Wu, and Zifan Zhu.

This exhibition is made possible through the support of The Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA), a university-wide cultural organization that provides a platform for the creation of and public discourse on the contemporary arts on Cornell University's campus.

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