Verification of Completion of Minor in Architecture

Students who have completed the requirements for this minor should complete this form which, when validated by the AAP Office of Student Services and the architecture department, serves as evidence of completion of the minor requirements. Grades must be C or better in all courses used for minor credit.

Questions regarding completion of the minor can be addressed during student services walk-in hours in 235 Sibley Dome.

The distribution requirements for the minor are as follows:

  1. Architectural Design Studio (3 credits minimum)
    • ARCH 1110 Introduction to Architecture Design Studio (summer only), 3 credits or
    • ARCH 1103 Elective Design Studio (fall only, not every year), 6 credits
  2. Visual Representation (3 credits minimum)
    • ARCH 1501 Representation I (fall only), 3 credits or
    • ARCH 1502 Representation II (spring only), 3 credits or
    • Approved visual representation elective class
  3. Architectural History (3 credits minimum)
    • ARCH 1801 History of Architecture I (fall only), 3 credits or
    • ARCH 1802 History of Architecture II (spring only), 3 credits or
    • Approved Architectural History elective class
  4. Any other departmental classes* (two classes minimum, 6 credits minimum)

Fields marked with * are required.

Expected Graduation Date

Student Signature:  __________________________________     Date:    _________________

Advisor Signature:  __________________________________     Date:    _________________

List the courses that you have taken towards this minor:
Courses towards minor
Distribution Requirement Category Course Name/Number Semester/Year Number of Credits Minimum Grade of C Office Use Only (Grade)
1. Studio

2. Visual Rep.

3. History

4. Other (a)

4. Other (b)

Note: In order to count toward a minor in architecture, all grades in the minor must be C or better.

Student Signature:  __________________________________     Date:    _________________

Department Verification:  ______________________________    Date:    _________________

Submit form when all courses have been completed, but no later than the last semester of your senior year.

Return Completed Form to the Architecture Department Office, 139 East Sibley Hall

Please print, sign, and bring to the architecture department office, 139 East Sibley Hall.

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