Graduate Committee Selection and Change Form


Each student selects the members of their committee, with consent from the current graduate faculty. Any member of the graduate faculty may serve on a committee, subject to the limitations imposed on different categories of that faculty.


Unless otherwise indicated by the program, a full committee must be established no later than the end of the second semester.

Changes to Membership

A student may change the membership of their committee with the approval of all the members of the newly constituted committee. Notice of such change must be filed immediately with the department coordinator.


Any member may resign at any time from a committee. Failure to reconstitute a full committee endangers a student's further registration in the college.


  • If you are making a change to your committee, review the section titled changes to membership.
  • After obtaining the signatures of your committee members, submit the completed form to your department coordinator.

Fields marked with * are required.

Committee Information and Signatures


Committee Chair Concentration                                               Committee Chair Field                                                     


Committee Chair Name                                                              Committee Chair Signature                                             


Committee Member Concentration                                          Committee Member Field                                               


Committee Member Name                                                         Committee Member Signature                                        


Additional Committee Member Concentration                     Additional Committee Member Field                            


Additional Committee Member Name                                     Additional Committee Member Signature                   


First Leaving Committee Member (no signature required)             Second Leaving Committee Member (no signature required)


Department Coordinator Name                                                            Department Coordinator Signature                 Date                      

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