CRP Student-Faculty Research, Internship, or Independent Study Enrollment Form

Student-Faculty Research Class

CRP 4900 Student-Faculty Research is offered for variable credit, up to a maximum of 4 credits with a S/U grading option only. Research, reading, and/or writing project in which a student and faculty member choose a topic related to urban and regional studies (URS) will be produced. Enrollment in the class requires the submission of an approved form. Open to URS students only.

Internship Credit

URS Students: Credit for unpaid internships may be earned in CRP and are offered for variable credit. Unpaid internships at a minimum of 160 hours for 2 credits; 80 hours for 1 credit. For 1 credit, the student must produce a 10-page paper that relates to the experience of the internship; and for 2 credits, a 20-page paper. Papers are due to the advisor in the semester following the internship. Internship credits are applied as elective credits only.

  • CRP 4940 URS Internship (1–2 credits, S/U grades only)

Graduate Students: Students participate in a structured, unpaid internship under the supervision of planning professionals in cooperating organizations. The internship should be purposeful, provide opportunities for reflection, present continual challenge to the student, and incorporate active learning. The faculty supervisor and student should outline the conditions of the work assignment, learning outcomes, and faculty supervision on an independent study form. A final project linking planning theory and practical work experience is required. The academic credit, however, is not based on the on-the-job training itself but rather on the active learning and reflection demonstrated in a written paper or project.

  • CRP 7940 Planning Internship (1–4 credits, S/U grades only)

Independent Study

Independent study classes are offered for variable credit, for up to a maximum of 4 credits and are applied as elective credits only. Enrollment requires the submission of an approved form.

  • CRP 4970 Independent Study (enrollment limited to junior or senior standing)
  • CRP 7970 Independent Study for Graduate Students

How to Enroll

  1. The student should complete the student information, class information, and research/independent study sections below.
  2. The student should bring the completed form to the supervising instructor for approval.
  3. The student should bring the form to the appropriate designate for departmental approval.
    • URS students: advisor and the director of undergraduate studies
    • Graduate students: graduate field assistant
  4. The student should bring the form to the CRP department office, 106 West Sibley Hall to obtain the class ID number associated with the supervising instructor.
  5. After the supervising instructor, the appropriate department approvals AND the CID# have been obtained, the student should bring the form to Student Services, B56 Sibley Hall for processing.

Fields marked with * are required.

Graduation Date

Class Enrollment Information

Student-Faculty Research or Independent Study Information

Supervising Instructor's Signature: __________________________________    Date: ________________

CRP Department Approval

Undergraduate URS Students

Academic Advisor's Signature:  __________________________________    Date: __________

Director of Undergraduate Studies' Signature: ________________________    Date: __________

CRP Graduate Students

Graduate Field Assistant's Signature: ______________________________    Date: __________

Obtain class ID# from the CRP department office (106 W. Sibley Hall)

CID #: ___________________________

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