Application For Credit Earned in High School

There are two components to this form that must be completed. Page one is the High School Form that needs to be sent to your high school for completion. Page two is the college form that needs to be completed by the college from which you received credit.

High School Form

  • Part 1 is completed by the student
  • Part 2 must be returned to your high school for completion
  • Submit one form for each college course you have completed
  • Incomplete applications cannot be evaluated

College Form

  • Part 1 is completed by the student
  • Part 2 should be sent to the college registrar of the offering institution for completion
  • Attach a detailed class description or syllabus for each class
  • Incomplete applications cannot be evaluated

Return all materials to the AAP Registrar's Office.

Fields marked with * are required.

High School Form
Part I: Student and Course Information (completed by student)

Part II: High School Information (completed by HS official)

I certify that the above course was NOT applied toward high school graduation requirements.

Signature of HS Official: _________________________________

Name of HS Official: ___________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________

Phone and Email: ______________________________________

High School: _________________________________________

City: __________________  State: _______ Date: ____________

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