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Application for AAP Support To Promote Your Lab

What is an AAP lab?

Labs are integral to a faculty member's research, scholarly, or creative work. They are also a platform where faculty work collaboratively with students, postdoctoral fellows, and other scholars and stakeholders. Faculty working in labs create new knowledge, pedagogical innovation, and engage stakeholders.

What are the criteria of a lab?

  • In contrast to conducting individual research and work, faculty spearheading a lab work collaboratively with students, postdoctoral fellows, and stakeholders within and/or outside of Cornell, demonstrating a high level of engagement
  • Demonstrated potential for future external funding

What is the process for AAP supporting a lab?

  • Each faculty will fill in the form below by the deadlines outlined
  • A committee composed of five AAP faculty members will review the applications. The committee members are Professor and Associate Dean of Research Victoria Beard (CRP); Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Design Initiatives Jenny Sabin (architecture); Assistant Professor Nick Klein (CRP), Associate Professor Lily Chi (architecture), and Assistant Professor Dan Torop (art)
  • The faculty will work with AAP Communications to launch the lab on AAP platforms


Spring deadlines: 

  • Applications accepted until May 10, 2022
  • Application review by the committee ends May 30, 2022

Fall deadlines:

  • Applications accepted until October 1, 2022
  • Application review by the committee ends October 15, 2022

How to amplify a lab:

  • After a lab is reviewed and approved, the faculty will complete and launch a website (template provided by AAP Communications)
  • The lab's website is the full responsibility of the faculty in terms of content and updates; however, the AAP Communications team will support and advise
  • The lab website will be listed in the research section of the AAP website
  • New projects undertaken by the lab will be flagged to the AAP Communications team (alixdetorquat@cornell.edu), who will coordinate to amplify them on college platforms
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