The College of Climaticism

Each student began with the assignment of a scientific phenomenon to research, the same way one might study the properties of a construction material, i.e. "What does this material want to be?" When one begins a design in brick, for example, a set of potential forms arise from the process due to modular dimensions and loads transferred through compression. 

The students in our option studio instead asked "what does a building designed through the phenomenon of conduction look like?" and "What are the new ways of inhabiting space designed by convection?" After undertaking a series of design exercises with their respective phenomena at an architectural scale (10m x 10m x 10m) and at an urban scale (100m x 100m) each student proposed a design for a College of Climaticism on the Cornell Campus; a place where the academic community would strive to understand the causes of global warming and search for new ways to counteract it. Each student was challenged to design this facility as a built climate rather than a "building" in the traditional sense, to design the void rather than the object, to create a Meteorological Architecture.

Studio Professors
Philippe Rahm ,

Zhu Cao, Caroline Christiano, Carla De Haro, Samuel Gomez, Victor Ortiz, Dhyan Sharma, Veronika Varga, Jingxin Yang, Ziyan Ye, Pablo Zarama, Rouchen Zhang, Zeran Zhao


A series of multicolored panels with outlines of trees and people with black text overlaid.

Work by Carla de Haro (B.Arch. '22).
  • People sitting in chairs inside of a building with brown pillars and a second story.

    Work by Sam Gomez (B.Arch. '20).
  • A multicolored architectural structure with dotted lines and a white figure standing at the base.

    Work by Carla de Haro (B.Arch. '22).

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