Group Project The Ghost in the Machine

The work plate in a red square.

In The Ghost in the Machine, of architecture are explored through the organs of perception — the five senses. Studies of animal sensory mechanisms are hybridized with human mechanisms of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste, to defamiliarize, distort, and amplify our human experience of space through the lens of a specific sense.

In their alteration of our perception of space, sound, light, texture, etc., these prosthetics are designed to leave traces documenting this experience — further defamiliarizing these sensory experiences of space, this time through representation. These drawings become maps, catalogs, or sequences of the sensory experience of the body within a particular space, over time.

While the mechanisms are calibrated to the human body, the representations are at the whim of the sensory inputs — the changing patterns of inhalation in order to smell a specific stimulus or the rotation of the head in response to a certain light condition that amplifies sight.

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