Shreshth Nagpal

Shreshth's professional focus over the past two decades has been to understand and model building performance that results from the interaction between envelope configuration, climatic context, functional requirements, conditioning systems, and occupant behavior. More recently, his doctoral research focused on developing automated workflows to construct living urban energy models that are designed to systematically explore future energy scenarios and identify areas of maximum potential savings.

Shreshth's day job is primarily to manage the holistic environmental design scope and work closely with the project teams to shape building and urban designs from the concept phase through implementation. He especially enjoys working on projects with a focus on designing with passive strategies for thermal and visual comfort; and has completed specialized building-physics analyses to help inform design decisions of several award-winning projects that represent a broad spectrum of types, scales, climates, and performance goals.

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Architectural technology
  • Sustainability

Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 1611/5611: Environmental Systems I: Site and SustainabilityThis course examines the relationships between building, site, landscape and sustainability through the lens of ecology and systems thinking. Topics include: basic concepts of sustainability, energetic processes, climate, spatial data visualization, global warming, solar geometry, landscape processes, microclimates, site strategies and grading, building footprint & sustainable building metrics.

Publications (Selected)

  • S Nagpal, C Reinhart, A comparison of two modeling approaches for establishing and implementing energy use reduction targets for a university campus, Energy and Buildings 173 (2018), 103-116
  • S Duchesne, S Nagpal, M Kummert, C Reinhart, Balancing demand and supply: Linking neighborhood level building load calculations with detailed district energy network analysis models, Energy 150 (2018), 913-925
  • S Nagpal, C Mueller, A Aijazi, C Reinhart, A methodology for auto-calibrating urban building energy models using surrogate modeling techniques, Journal of Building Performance Simulation 12 (2018), 1-16
  • S Nagpal, J Hanson, C Reinhart, A framework for using calibrated campus-wide building energy models for continuous planning and GHG emissions tracking, Applied Energy 241 (2019), 82-97
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