Mia Brown-Seguin: A Place in Time

A person standing in water looking down wearing a long patterned dress.

Water, negative (2021), print (2022), Gelatin Silver Print, 6" x 8". image / provided

"Soon my body will decay. I will exist as the same matter that makes up the rest of existence. I will become something new, or maybe I will become multiple things, but I will still be me because everything is one; we are all the same. A Place in Time is an exhibition that shares my closeness to nature and questions the distinctions between the human form and the land. The work included in this exhibition examines our existence in a series of chronological cycles. What distinguishes the body from the environment? How do we define life? When is something considered dead?"

~Mia Brown-Seguin (B.F.A. '24)

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