Group Show: Uncharted Territory

A brown big foot creature in front of green trees, purple sky and a spot light.

Uncharted Territory features artwork from ART 3006: Advanced Practice taught by Associate Professor Carl Ostendarp and Assistant Professor Dan Torop, with help from graduate assistant Paloma Vianey (M.F.A. '21).

Featured students are:

  • Liana Amaya (B.F.A. '22)
  • Kyuin Baik (B.F.A. '22)
  • Asha Bell (B.F.A. '22)
  • Vincent Campagna (B.F.A. '22)
  • Steven Cha (B.F.A. '22)
  • Rose Crawford (B.F.A./B.A. '23)
  • Liam Fallon (B.F.A. '22)
  • Sabrina Haertig (B.F.A. '22)
  • Mia Hause (B.F.A. '22)
  • Erin Ibo (B.F.A. '22)
  • Haani Jetha (B.F.A. '22)
  • Alexa Kanarowski (B.F.A. '22)
  • Maia Karten (B.F.A. '22)
  • Iris Kazhmurat (B.F.A. '22)
  • Sloan Kiriluk (B.F.A. '22)
  • Cade Ladine (B.F.A. '22)
  • Matéa LeBeau (B.F.A. '22)
  • Seung Hwan Daniel Lee (B.F.A. '22)
  • Cecilia Lu (B.F.A. '22)
  • Conor Martin (B.F.A. '22)
  • Sh'yee Meng (B.F.A. '22)
  • Angelique Nagovskaya (B.F.A./B.A. '22)
  • Jonathan Pang (B.F.A./B.A. '22)
  • Jason Park (B.F.A. '22)
  • Tricia Park (B.F.A. '22)
  • Lindsey Potoff (B.F.A. '22)
  • Vaidehi Reddy (B.F.A. '22)
  • Noor Shakeel (B.F.A. '22)
  • Maya Srinivasan (B.F.A. '22)
  • Avivi Wang (B.F.A. '22)

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum is available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff authorized to be on campus per Cornell's current campus policy. If possible, please call to make an appointment to view the exhibition at (607) 255-6464, and use the side entrance (Gussman Wing) to enter the museum; the main entrance (Appel Lobby) is closed due to construction.

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