AAP Galleries End-of-Semester Departmental Usage

Background Information

The AAP galleries — John Hartell and Bibliowicz Family Gallery — are typically reserved for departmental reviews near the end of the fall and spring semesters. These reviews are integral to the studio pedagogy broadly practiced in the college. AAP-sponsored exhibitions in these galleries are therefore scheduled by the college to end in time to turn the galleries into review spaces to accommodate final reviews. Occasionally, there may be a seven to 10-day window when the AAP galleries are vacant (vacant period) between the completion of final reviews and the end of the semester. The college has received requests from college faculty to show class-based work during this period, and these guidelines are intended to provide a process for allocating college gallery space to the departments for this vacant period.

  1. The AAP galleries are a college-wide asset. While not all AAP faculty and classes produce work appropriate for gallery use, and while each department has space needs specific to their classes and teaching methods, the college is committed to providing access to gallery space equitably regardless of department affiliation.
  2. The AAP galleries are managed and maintained by the college through the AAP Exhibitions and Events office during the formal exhibition schedule. The college’s facility office can provide support for exhibitions outside of the formal exhibition schedule.
  3. The college Faculty Exhibitions Committee is charged with soliciting, reviewing, and selecting college-wide exhibitions. This charge does not extend to department-specific displays during review periods or work displayed in spaces under the management of the departments (East Sibley Hall first floor corridor for architecture; West Sibley Hall first floor corridor for CRP; and the Tjaden Hall galleries for art).


  1. Faculty interested in using the AAP galleries during the vacant period should contact their department chair by filling out and submitting this form.
  2. Department chairs are responsible for reviewing these requests and advancing a request for gallery space to the AAP Exhibitions and Events office.
  3. Deadlines for such requests are September 1 for fall semesters and February 1 for spring semesters.
  4. The AAP Exhibitions and Events office will work with the departments to coordinate space and schedule issues, and to reconcile any conflicting requests for space.
  5. Departments are solely responsible for logistics, installation, deinstallation, cleanup, and communications efforts and costs associated with exhibitions in the AAP galleries during the vacant period.
  6. All exhibitors must follow the established college exhibition guidelines as well as submit installation plans for review and approval by AAP Facilities to ensure compliance with university facilities practices and policies.
  7. The installation will be supervised by both facilities and a departmental point person, with the work occurring during the week between 8 a.m.–5 p.m.