Research and Impact

For the last 20 years, the Clarence S. Stein Institute for Urban and Landscape Studies has continuously provided support for research, training, and scholarship for the benefit of students, faculty, and community members who have demonstrated an interest in issues in planning and design addressed by Clarence S. Stein as well as his works. This has helped in the development of resources that enable dissemination of information on the works of Stein and augment his legacy both in planning theory and practice. The result has been a trove of important research on modernist planning ideas and Stein projects, as well as workshops and other educational activities that have helped preserve and enhance Stein's work — both built and theoretical.

The Stein Institute has helped more than 800 students and faculty members and more than 10 independent organizations around the world by awarding grants for furthering research, community outreach, and supporting discussions on progressive design and planning through lectures, colloquia, and training workshops. Some of the previous grant recipients and the research topics for which awards were granted by the institute are listed below.

Past Projects

Explore projects funded by the Clarence Stein Institute over the last 15 years through this interactive database or this text-only version of the database.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2015–16 Awards
    • Nicolas Azel: "Fecal Environments and Toxic Urbanisms: Application of Computation for Design in Complex Urban Systems"
    • Brian Byrd: "Shared Space Across Borders - A Practical Guide to Implement Shared Space in the USA Based on Lessons Learned from Europe"
    • Jinhee Ha: "The Salt Exchange: Excavating Intersections of Industry and Community in Salt Mines of New York"
    • James Macmillen: "Reimagining Detroit: City Planning and the Practice of Futurity"
    • Luis Martinez: "Envisaging a 'New Chicago': Collective Ways of Seeing and Creative Energy"
    • Sean McGee: "Progressive Preservation: The Economic Benefits of Planned Development with Preservation in Mind, Historic Chatham Village"
    • Liz Muller: "Preserving the Documentary Record of Planning: Enhancing Access to City and Regional Planning Collections"
    • Katelin E. Olson: "Adapting the City: Ethnic and Immigrant Integration in Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood"
    • Annie Schentag: "The Machine in the Garden City: Accommodating Industrial Architecture Across the Atlantic"
    • Mary Sies, Isabelle Gournay, and Robert Freestone: "Proposal Book Subvention Request for The Afterlife of Iconic Planned Communities: Heritage, Preservation, and Challenges of Change"
    • Jennifer Rowe: "Design/Build in Croatia: Evaluating the Potential of Shared Visualization to Improve Participatory Design Outcomes"
    • Dorothy Wong: "First Step in the Implementation of the National Park Service's HALS, HABS, and GIS/GPS Programs for the Stein National Historic Landmark Garden Cities"
    • Mary Woods and Vani Subramanian: "Indian Cinema Halls as Architectures of Migration and Immigration"
  • 2014–15 Awards
    • Thomas Campanella: 2014 Clarence Stein Inaugural speaker series
    • Liz Falletta: "Lessons unlearned: Chesapeake Rodeo Apartments vs. Baldwin Hills Village"
    • Shoshana Goldstein: "Toward New Towns for India: Community, Landscape, and the Planning of Gurgaon's Urban Space"
    • Scott Larson: "A Community Needs Assessment of Creative Learning Opportunities in Sunnyside and Woodside, Queens"
    • Margot Lystra: "The Regional Planning Association and the Imagined Freeway"
    • Petra Marar: "Boom, Silence, Points, Lines: Constructing Industry, Community, and Wilderness in the Bakken Oil Boom"
    • Melanie Sand: "Planning Disputes of the Disappearing Coast: The Role of Local Cultures in Post-Disaster Louisiana"
  • 2013–14 Awards
    • Alyson Fletcher: "Retrofitting Houston's Utility Corridors as an Open Space Recreation Network"
    • George Frantz: "A Comparison of Urban Residential Form in New York and Shanghai"
    • Sangni Gao: "History and Practice of Beijing Superblock Complex"
    • Laural A. Harbin: "The Etawah Pilot Project"
    • Lesli Hoey: "Stein in the Tropics: New Town Ideas at Work in Bolivia"
    • Tony Rohling: "Sunnyside Gardens Oral History Program for Sunnyside Gardens and Phipps Garden Apartments"
    • Joseph Rukus: "Clarence Stein and 21st Century Public Safety Challenges: An Examination of Hillside Homes and Sunnyside Gardens"
    • Peter Wissoker: "Does Form Follow Financing? Using Clarence Stein's Investor Typology to Understand the Role of Real Estate-Related Finance in Urban Change"
  • 2012–13 Awards
    • Eva Birk: "Watershed-based Permits: Benton MacKaye's Contributions"
    • Caleb Cheng: "Carrying on the Hillside Tradition"
    • Elaine Engst: "Enhancing City and Regional Planning Resources: the Nolan Papers"
    • Sophie Hochhausl: "Austrian Settlement Movement and the RPAA"
    • Caitlin Kolb: "Stein's Transportation Systems"
    • Carrie Randall: "Homegrown: Energy Innovations"
    • Ana Vasudeo: "Exhibiting Housing Reform: Marashartrian Chawls in Girgaum"
  • 2011–12 Awards
    • Kenny R. Cupers, University of Buffalo: "French New Towns in Global Perspective"
    • Adrian Fine, Los Angeles Conservancy: "The Los Angeles Garden Apartments Network"
    • Allison James: "Designing a Greenbelt for Erzurum, Turkey"
    • Aki Marceau: "The Sustainable Regional Planning in Sedai"
    • Constance Werner Ramirez, University of Maryland: "Stein Summer Institute 2012"
    • Sally Sims Stokes: "Stein's Views on 'Ethical Culture' and Judeo-Christian Progressive Reform"
    • Roger Trancik, Kurt Dillion, and Sam Sweezy: "Tropical Garden Cities"
    • Josi Ward: "Stein's Role in Resettlement Administration Community Building"
    • David West: "Pocket Neighborhoods to the Clarence S. Stein Institute for Urban and Landscape Studies"
    • Yizhao Yang: "Garden City Planning and Design in Contemporary China"
  • 2010–11 Awards
    • Sandra Annunziata: "The Art of Living Together: Garden City Models of Clarence Stein and Gustavo Giovannoni"
    • Lauren Weiss Bricker, California State University: "Stein and Wright as American Pragmatist Architects"
    • Andrew Buck: "Satellite New Town Planning in Shanghai"
    • Anat Geva, Texas A&M University: "Preservation Education and Research"
    • Emily Goldman: "Stein's Hillside Gardens: Towards Greater Community Awareness"
    • Matthew Gonser: "Mapping Stein's 'Edge Conditions'"
    • Erica Gutierrez: "Idelfonso Cerdà's L'Example, Barcelona, Spain: Its Connection to the Clarence S. Stein Communities"
    • Thomas Hahn: "New Town Planning in Beijing (1949–1966)"
    • Ashima Krishna: "Modernism and the Garden City in the work of Mayer and Nowicki"
    • Constance Werner Ramirez: "Stein Summer Institute 2011 in Greenbelt, Maryland"
    • Peter Sigrist: "Transitional Landscapes: Political Ecology of Public Parks"
    • Clark Taylor: "Public Housing in Puerto Madero, Saavedra, and Villa Lugana (Buenos Aires)"
    • David Vater: "The Collection, Indexing and Conservation of an Archive for Chatham Village NHL District"
    • Callie Watkins: "Brazilian Cities Research and Exhibition"
    • Dorothy Fue Wong: "Disaster Planning in the Four NHL Stein Communities"
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