Onajevwe: Jubilation — A Re-piecing and Re-imagining of My V'ihwo R'orua

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A black and white photo of a woman wearing a dress with lots of intricate details and a head scarf as she looks at the camera. Behind her is another woman who is looking at her and smiling.

untitled (2023). photo / Onajevwe

Exhibition Abstract

"Jubilation" is a feeling of great happiness and pleasure, one akin to Onajevwe's upbringing in Abuja, Nigeria. Often replacing the term "birthday" and used simultaneously with the word "party," it is associated with an exuberant celebration. For Onajevwe, the term has evolved beyond mere festivity; it now symbolizes the intense joy she experiences from re-piecing and reimagining her family history. Oral traditions and storytelling have shaped Onajevwe's perspective and purpose in the art world. She seeks to, through Jubilation, recalibrate and reimagine these familial narratives through diverse artistic mediums. As observers engage with Onajevwe's creations, they are invited to partake in the artist's journey of self-discovery, cultural exploration, and the celebration of identity. Jubilation becomes a testament to the power of art in preserving and expressing familial histories, transcending time and cultural boundaries. The exhibition extends an open invitation to the audience, beckoning them to share in the jubilant spirit of rediscovery and artistic reinterpretation that defines Onajevwe's narrative.

Brief Exhibitor Biography

Onajevwe (B.F.A. '26) is a young British-Nigerian artist whose work is deeply rooted in her personal journey of learning, understanding, and embodying her identity. Through her passion for self-expression and art-making, she embarks on creating compelling projects that delve into her past experiences, whilst using her art as a process of self-discovery.

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