Fabia St-Juste: Pearl of the Caribbean

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A photo of a sparkling tooth against a red background.

image / original courtesy Gleam (Wikimedia Commons); adapted by Fabia St-Juste

Exhibition Abstract

Pearl of the Caribbean is a world design exploration from the foreign gaze. The exhibition presents fabricated artifacts that provide a window into the past of Haiti, once celebrated as the "pearl of the Caribbean." Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this curated snapshot of history and culture, reflecting on the island's intriguing narrative through a lens of creative interpretation.

Exhibitor Biographies

This exhibition is a collaboration between Fabia St-Juste (B.F.A. '24), Chiedza Musiiwa (B.Arch. '25), Mia Wang (MS. AAD '24), Francheska Reed (B.Arch. '24), and Ronishka Nalpathil (MS. AAD '24). St-Juste is a Haitian American artist born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who is interested in fashion and history. Musiiwa, born in Harare, Zimbabwe, is focused on exploring adaptive reuse, as well as Black aesthetics within architecture. Wang was born in Inner Mongolia and grew up in Xi'an, China. She is interested in art, design, and music. Reed is a Filipino-American with a concentration in Theory and minor in Law and Society. Nalpathil is from Doha, Qatar. Her focus is exploring the nuanced dynamics surrounding the performance of domesticity and respectability politics in the Middle East.

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