Work by Mia Brown-Seguin

Terra (2022)

At first, only a few people trusted in the power of the mud, but then several more began to bathe in it. They started to believe in the land, soil, and ground; they wanted to bury themselves in it. Terra documents a visceral attraction to the earth and is produced from a series of images captured around Italy. The work was sequenced, bound with an embossed cover, and printed in Rome, Italy.

He lets me lie down in green pastures (2022)

He lets me lie down in green pastures is a handbound photobook that represents my rejection of living in Rome, and my desire for rolling hills and tall grass, cows and horses, long roads and fresh air. This series of images, captured in Ireland, reveals my sense of belonging when I traveled out of the city. The digital prints are sequenced and printed on pages from A Little Brown Notebook Scenes from Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott, illustrated by Elizabeth Haines. This image/text sourcing represents a dynamic between socioeconomic class, gender roles, and ownership of something that everyone should have the right to.

Missin' My Horse and My Cowboy (2022)

Missin' My Horse and My Cowboy is a handbound photobook produced with a series of images captured in Europe. The images reflect on the landscape of the American West and the discovery of a sense of home, found in a new place. The sequence of images suggests longing and addresses topics of agriculture, the role of industrialization and development, and its impact on the landscape. The work is produced with an embroidered soft cover, an embossed dust jacket, and inkjet prints bound with perfect binding.

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