Work by Kevin Cruz

  • Kevin Cruz, B.F.A. 2018
  • Hometown

    Los Angeles, California

Kevin Cruz is interested in exploring his personal interests of politics and artistic production. In doing so, he has come to realize that there is a point of convergence between art and politics. Politics influence, censor, institutionalize and historicize art. This point of convergence and its effect on the artist has intrigued him.

In his work, Cruz explores the concept of the artist-activist. The work reflects political issues on the local, national, and international level. Cruz's work is a visual — although inherently subjective — presentation of the issues. As an artist-activist, he focuses on exploring the often-overlooked nuances of a political issue. In particular, he focuses on humanizing the people that are affected by the political issues and, in return, hoping that the audience perceives the issue not as political, but as human.

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