Senses, Human Body, and Space

Portrait of Yimeng Lucy Ding
  • Yimeng Lucy Ding, B.Arch. 2022
  • Hometown

    Shenzhen, China
  • Class

    ARCH 1101 Design I
  • Instructor

    Luben Dimcheff
    Val Warke

Senses form our perception of the world. With the interplay of five senses, we develop our recognition of the exterior and react accordingly — so does architecture. The core concept of the series of projects centers the stimulation and augmentation of the senses, derived from the intricate nature of manatees and their whiskers, and further their metaphorical implantation on natural elements.

In project one and two, touching augments sight as the apparatuses extend out from the wearer's back to acquire information and transport it back through the sense of touching. The concept comes from manatees' active and passive use of their highly developed facial whiskers to "touch" instead of "seeing" the environment. The concept further generates project three, in which light plays a dominating rule in augmenting people's perception when they circulate through mass. The linear light tunnels from the top and the sides to illuminate the whole structure and manipulate the senses through the introduction of natural elements, resonating with the initial interplay of senses.

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