Revival of the Brick: An Artisans' Colony in Downtown Bogotá

woman walking on a beach wearing a white shirt and black skirt with blue ocean and sky behind her
  • Xiaobin Cheng, M.Arch.II 2017
  • Hometown

    Hangzhou, China
  • Class

    ARCH 8913 Option Studio: Weavers, An Artisan's Colony in Downtown Bogotá
  • Instructor

    Julian Palacio

This project consists of two elements — a workshop building and a residential building — which explore at different scales the concept of weaving. In the workshop building, diverse artisan trades are woven together to communicate, cooperate, and innovate with each other, which creates a new mode of work and influences the artisans' work habits. Within the urban landscape of the historic center, the residential tower becomes a symbol of the new center of Bogotá. The presence of this building becomes an urban connector capable of activating the urban dynamics of the sector by complementing the public space and reinforcing pedestrian flows that connect the historic center. These buildings weave the residential and public space together as a strategy to stimulate the activity of this area and impact the life styles of the residents. The project hopes to facilitate the future revitalization of the area and its potential as public space.

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