Reconstructing Fabrics

  • Wachira Leangtanom, M.Arch. 2018
  • Hometown

    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Class

    ARCH 5511 Constructed Drawing I
  • Instructor

    Tao DuFour

The final composition was developed from one of the freehand sketching sessions in class as a further exploration of two-perspective construction techniques. Extracting pieces from four individual fabric sketches, the starting fragment was then drawn to two vanishing points to construct a view from another angle. This procedure repeats and composed a new projection plane for the next fragment to be placed upon. Using the same parameters, the other three fragments from the sketches were generated and re-translated into a new continuous form. The form was then projected using another construction technique through horizontal and frontal planes. Resulting in a landscape of form, existing in multiple perspectives.

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