City Curator

headshot of a man with dark hair wearing a plaid shirt

With the advance of internet technology, we enter into an age of data and information. Parallel to the physical world where people and goods circulate constantly, data that carries key information of our location, biography, or even behaviors fly around in the internet-world.

Unlike the real world, timelessness and limitlessness have cross-connected the virtual world into a broader mesh and flatten this new world into an aggregation of things irrelevant to time and spatial coordination. Thus, what was left for us is a homogeneous sea, yet elements within it manage to keep their heterogeneity.

Extreme homogeneity offers extreme flexibility, allowing dislocating of the virtual object, as well as overlapping and superimposing of life or rebroadcast of every single event. With dislocated objects as instigators, participants revealing every single trace of activities into the vast sea of information, and people appreciating overlapped and dislocated information, the entire virtual world offers a huge stage, enabling reorganization and reassembling of random real world acts into a well structured virtual "play."

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