Alien Interfaces: Exploring a World Beyond Reality

  • Warisara Sudswong, M.Arch. 2017
  • Class

    ARCH 8912 Independent Design Thesis
  • Instructor

    Andrea Simitch
    Mark Morris, associate professor of the practice

All architectural drawings are a proposal of a constructed world — mainly aiming to represent or simulate its built condition. This project uses the role of representation in the architectural drawing as a way to actively engage in between the comingling of the fiction/fantasy and the real. The project will be looking through the eyes of extra-terrestrial perception and alien types of vision as a way to develop a working methodology that challenges drawing the unknown. Through the superimposition between the world of the known and the unknown, the project is able to construct a world that begins to expand beyond the realms of reality, where it defies the laws of gravity and where we can engage in multiple layers of different worlds and dimensions through the building blocks of fiction and narration.

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