AbdulRahman Al-Mana

man with long dark hair with gray background
  • B.S. URS 2020
  • Hometown

    Doha, Qatar

AbdulRahman Al-Mana is graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies. Born and raised in a rapidly urbanizing Doha, Qatar, AbdulRahman became enamored by the urban form watching skyscrapers rise from quiet sandy beaches and roads unfold from deserts. AbdulRahman is passionate about historic preservation, sustainable development, and issues of mobility and transportation in the Persian Gulf.

AbdulRahman has been involved in several Design Connect projects in Tompkins County, New York, including developing a Placemaking Guide and Toolkit for the county to foster and create the change that residents want to see in their neighborhoods. He has also worked on Project Eddygate, which transformed the parking lot behind Cascadilla Hall to a park over the course of a weekend. Additionally, he was involved in creating a Scenic Resource Inventory for the Town of Marlborough as a part of the Land Use, Environmental Planning, and Urban Design workshop taught by Associate Professor of Practice George Frantz. While at Cornell, AbdulRahman also served as the President of the Arab Student Association.

For more information on AbdulRahman Al-Mana's paper, Destruction in a Wahhabi Context: Demolition of Religious & Historic Landscapes in Mecca and Medina, please contact crpinfo@cornell.edu.

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