Saša Begović

Saša Begović is a founding partner and principal architect of 3LHD architects, a Croatian-based architecture practice, established in 1994. 3LHD focuses its activities on integration and interaction between architecture, urban planning, landscape, design, and art. During his career, Begović has led many of the firm's award-winning projects in various typologies — public, cultural, residential, leisure, sports, and mixed-use. He has been active in the academic field for the last 17 years and has been a visiting critic, workshop leader, and lecturer at various schools in Europe and U.S. such as ETH Zurich, Northeastern University in Boston, and technical universities in Vienna and Munich, among others. He was a visiting lecturer at Graz University of Technology in Austria (2001–05), held a visiting professorship at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2013), and the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Croatia (2011–16). Since 2010, he has held an assistant professorship and chair of architecture and urban design at the University of Split's Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Geodesy. Begović graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 4101/4102/5101/7912 Option StudioAdvanced programs in architectural design, with options in, but not limited to, urban design, architectural technology, computational design, ecology, culture, and representation.

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships (Selected)

  • A+ Award in the Architecture + Landscape category, winner (2010)
  • International Hotel Award for the Best Congress Hotel in Europe (2012–13)
  • European Hotel Design Award for Best New Built Hotel, winner (2012)
  • International Olympic Committee Trophy for Sport and Sustainable Development (2012)
  • WAF World Architecture Festival, Category Sport Winner (2008)

Exhibitions and Presentations (Selected)

  • 3LHD Interactions, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia (2015–16)
  • Holidays After the Fall, traveling exhibition, Graz, Berlin, Sofia, Rijeka (2012–15)
  • Mies van der Rohe Award exhibition, Barcelona, Leuven, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Paris (2012)

Publications (Selected)

  • A Peripheral Moment: Experiments in Architectural Agency, ed. Ivan Rupnik (Actar, 2011) 
  • Interactions: #250, catalog of 3LHD Interactions exhibition at the Museum for Contemporary Art (Studio 3lhd, 2016)
  • Transforming Cities: Urban Interventions in Public Space, eds. Kristin Feireiss, Oliver Hamm (Jovis, 2015)
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