Feifei Zhou

Feifei Zhou is an architect, artist, and researcher. She was a guest researcher at Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA), during which she coedited the digital publication Feral Atlas: The More-than-Human Anthropocene (Stanford University Press, 2020). Her research and design work explores spatial, cultural, and ecological impacts of the industrialized built and natural environment. Using narrative-based spatial analysis, she collaborates intensively with social scientists to translate empirical observations and scientific research into visual representations that aim to both clarify intricate more-than-human relations and open new questions. Zhou has published in various journals and platforms, including Inflection Journal 08: Presence, The Melbourne School of Design (Melbourne Books, 2021), e-flux Architecture (2021), Kerb Journal 28‭: ‬Decentre, RMIT Architecture (Uro Publications, 2020), Perspecta 53‭: ‬Onus‭, Yale School of Architecture Journal (MIT Press, 2020). She gives lectures and talks internationally, most recently at the Prada Frame "On Forest," University of Copenhagen, ETH Zürich, The Cooper Union, and more. As part of the Feral Atlas collective, her work has been exhibited at the Istanbul Biennial (2019), Sharjah Architecture Triennial (2019), and Vienna Biennial (2021), amongst others.

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Collaborative practice
  • Ecological practice
  • Infrastructure
  • Visual representation
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Environmental studies
  • Anthropocene
  • Infrastructural effects
  • Spatial analysis through storytelling

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Classes (Selected)

  • Arch 2101 Secomd-Year Design Studi0

Exhibitions and Presentations (Selected)

  • Acceleration: Anthropocene Detonator Landscapes in Vienna Biennale for Change 2022, curated by Aziza Harmel, Rado Ištok, Renan Laru-an, Piotr Sikora, and the tranzit.cz collective (2022)
  • Collective exhibition of Feral Atlas, in Sharjah Architecture Triennial, curated by Adrian Lahoud (2019–2020)
  • Collective exhibition of Feral Atlas, in Istanbul Biennial, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud (2019)

Publications (Selected)

  • "Noticing the Anthropocene," Inflection: Journal of the Melbourne School of Design_Volume 08 Presence. edited by Michaela Prunotto, Kate Donaldson, and Manning McBride, published by Melbourne Books (2021)
  • "Root Seeker," Cascades. edited by Nick Axel, Aric Chen, Nikolaus Hirsch, Martina Muzi, published on e-flux Architecture (2021)
  • Feral Atlas: The More-than-Human Anthropocene. coedited with Anna Tsing, Jennifer Deger, and Alder Keleman Saxena, published by Stanford University Press (2020)
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