Dillon Pranger

Dillon Pranger is an architect, designer, and fabricator whose work lies in sustainable building materials and construction techniques. He is co-editor of The Architecture Waste: Design for a Circular Economy, a publication that questions the traditional role of the architect and challenges the discipline to address urgent material issues within the larger design process.  

He is a licensed architect and principal of ODP (Office of Dillon Pranger), an architecture and design practice whose work focuses on small project types that respond to the local context and materials through the design-build practice model.

His personal works have been featured in Cornell AAP's John Hartell Gallery, Association vol. 8, PLAT Journal, Residential Design vol. 2, and Architect Magazine, among others. Pranger has taught at institutions including Harvard GSD, Ithaca College, and Syracuse University. He holds a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati and an M.Arch from Cornell University.

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Adaptive reuse
  • Architectural design
  • Architectural technology
  • Sustainability

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Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 4101/4102/5101/5116/7113 Arcadian AnthropoceneAdvanced programs in architectural design, with options in, but not limited to, urban design, architectural technology, computational design, ecology, culture, and representation.
  • ARCH 4605/6605 Design for DisassemblyThis course addresses pertinent issues relative to the subject of Construction. The instructor(s) of the course are drawn from the permanent and visiting faculty who may either broadly or narrowly define the course's scope and content. For precise content, please see the Architecture Department webpage.
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