Vaidehi Reddy and Zandt Lavish: Nodes

Two black and white sketches of circles with the artists names next to them and the exhibition title NODES.

Nodes is a collection of drawings and animation works presented by artists Zandt Lavish (B.F.A. '22) and Vaidehi Reddy (B.F.A. '22) that reveal how the dimensions of the world come together. Interpersonal relationships, chaos theory, quantum physics, while seemingly irrelevant to one another, encompass the combinations of counterparts that evolve into a single concept. A junction of separate yet elegantly intersecting ideas. A node.

In this period of increasing social, political (national and international), belief-based strife, we're ever more prone to think of ourselves as separate people. Through abstract geometric visuals and large scale installation, this exhibition conveys multipleconcepts that play with the idea of intertwining opposites. Some of the most compelling examples are highly conceptual and aren't the easiest to understand up front. But when stripped to the core – finding that the sameopposites-combine concept applies – it's that much more impactful. It's shown that what we don't understand is possibly closely related to that which we do. 

Attendance is open to the Cornell community with required COVID-19 measures.* 

*All Cornell students, faculty, and staff in attendance must wear a mask at all times and have their Cornell ID available. Cornell University requires employees to complete the Daily Check prior to arriving to campus or accessing campus facilities.

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