Rafi Segal: Architecture as Dialogue

Architectural model adjacent to a drawing of the structures inerior

Carehaus, Baltimore | Architect: Rafi Segal (with Collaborating Artist Marisa MorĂ¡n Jahn)

Glanzer-Curtis Family Lecture

Rafi Segal is an architect and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at MIT where he directs the SMArchS Urbanism program. His work involves design and research at the scale of the building, the neighborhood, the settlement, and the region, and results in the design of urban systems as well as individual buildings, where both are imbedded with civic value, contribute purposely to their larger urban context and express their essential place within it. Segal directs Future Urban Collectives, a new design-research lab at MIT that explores emerging notions of collectivity – relationships between digital platforms and physical communities – asking how architecture and urbanism can support and scale cohabitation, coproduction, and coexistence.

The work of architecture is shaped through dialogues, of concept and form, sketch and drawing, object and city, user and designer, building and site, figure and ground, mass and void..  the architect's task is to negotiate these 'conversations' in the creation of the architectural work, enabling it to eventually stand on its own, confronting conventions and inspiring change.  

Introduction by Caroline O'Donnell

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