Olivia Breibart and Dylan Brenner: Lovely and Lonely Places

White yarn tapestry with stripes of dark brown and one dark blue piece.

The exhibition highlights the trace of the artists' hand and invites the viewers to imagine what it feels like to make these pieces. Notions of self and reflection are strong themes of the show and the labor of creating is both collective and restorative; the works demonstrate the beauty in meditative work. They challenge the standards of "fine-art" by embracing materials that have typically been stereotyped as vernacular, domestic, or feminine. 

Lovely and Lonely Places features work by Olivia Breibart (B.F.A '21) and Dylan Brenner (B.F.A '21) as part of their Senior Thesis. 

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum is available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff authorized to be on campus per Cornell's current campus policy. If possible, please call to make an appointment to view the exhibition at (607) 255-6464, and use the side entrance (Gussman Wing) to enter the museum; the main entrance (Appel Lobby) is closed due to construction.

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