Liana Amaya: Eat the World or Live in Death

Painting with a dark blue face with a long skinny neck and a brightly colored abstract background with orange, blue, and pink.

I Woke Up A Jellyfish (2021), oil paint on canvas, 4' x 7'.

Eat the World or Live in Death converses with existential anxieties surrounding human gluttony, commercialism, and conformity within the context of worsening climate change and political turmoil. The overwhelming surge of political, environmental, and humanitarian crises in recent years has thrust the safety of humanity's future into a state of uncertainty with the machine of capitalism being majorly to blame. This exhibition acknowledges the existential anxieties stemming from the troubling circumstances of the present, challenges the viewers to question their own roles within it, and understands the complexities in those decisions of embracement or renouncement of toxic modernity.

Eat the World or Live in Death features work by Liana Amaya (B.F.A. '22).

Masks must be worn at all times in the Tjaden and Experimental Galleries.

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