Momoyo Kaijima: Architectural Behaviorology

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A group of individuals situated in a wood framed structure, consisting of a lower level filled with people, and loft area where fewer stand above.

photo / Moe Ishiwatari

Momoyo Kaijima graduated from the Faculty of Domestic Science at Japan Women’s University in 1991. She founded Atelier Bow-Wow with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto in 1992. In 1994 she received her post-graduate degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. From 1996–97 she was a guest student with a scholarship from Switzerland at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ). In 2000 she completed her post-graduate program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. She served as an assistant professor at the Art and Design School of the University of Tsukuba during 2000–09 and continued to teach there as an associate professor. In 2012 she received the RIBA International Fellowship. Since 2017 she has been serving as a professor of architectural behaviorology at ETHZ.

Kaijima taught as a visiting professor in the Department of Architecture at Harvard GSD (2003, 2016), guest professor at ETHZ (2005–07), the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2011–12), Rice University (2014–15), Delft University of Technology (2015–16), and Columbia University (2017). While engaging in design projects for houses, public buildings, and station plazas, she has conducted numerous investigations of the city through architecture such as Made in Tokyo and Pet Architecture. She was the curator of Japan Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The development of the modern technology and industry in the 20th century has constructed a barrier between our everyday life and local resources such as nature, human skills, and their knowledge. "Architectural behaviorology is our architectural design method that focuses on creating better accessibility to such resources. This lecture will explain the theory and case study of architectural behaviorology by Atelier Bow-Wow."

Introduction by Lily Chi

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