David Mike LeGrand + Danielle Greco: The Edges of Memory

Watercolor collage in a white frame. A dark skinned person in the center walks left toward a crumbling house with a bluebird perched on top. On the right side, there is a person with light skin balancing buckets on their head with their back toward the viewer.

David LeGrand, Madan Sara II (2022), mixed media, 13" x 25". image/provided

David Mike LeGrand and Danielle Greco (both B.F.A. '23) present an exhibition that discusses trauma and memory through their unique perspectives. LeGrand's works focus on familial storytelling and deals with the memory errors that can destabilize personal and collective history, emphasizing  the "was" into the "appeared to be." Also toying with the real and imagined as it relates to memory, Greco's works explore the relationships between gender, sexuality, and profiling as she has recalled them and interpreted them from her experiences and historical context. 

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