Erin Miller: Stunt Double

Fuschia zebra stripe pattern on background left side using crisp edges, right side blurred edges with STUNT DOUBLE written in black.

image / provided

Erin Miller (M.F.A. '22) presents her M.F.A. thesis exhibition, Stunt Double, at Bibliowicz Gallery in Ithaca, New York. This new body of work responds to notions of theatrical production through material exploration and improvisational staging, where elements of chance are welcomed and celebrated. Methods of printmaking, textile dyeing, painting, and object making are choreographed to direct viewers through a pattern-heavy space, where abstracted representations of spotlights, curtains, and stages present themselves ad nauseam. Stunt Double serves as a window into the hyper-produced world of viewership, where fact and fiction overlap and where the symbiotic relationship between the stage and the audience — both literal and metaphorical — is challenged. 

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