Just Soup

A photograph of three-dimensional lowercase letters spelling out

Just Soup publicity image (2022). image / provided

Just Soup is a collaborative exposition of the work of seven students from Visiting Critic Nidaa Aboulhosn's advanced class, ART 3699 Photography: Special Topics — Symbol. The artists explore formal and conceptual relationships in images, as well as unifying elements between both their own work and each other's. Seven unique styles and perspectives are on display, utilizing a variety of both photographic and non-photographic media.

Students exhibiting work:

  • McKenzie Haynes, B.S. '23, Design and Environmental Analysis
  • Esther Heller, M.F.A. '23,  Creative Writing
  • Priska Lambert, B.F.A. '24
  • Stanley Lai, B.F.A. '24
  • Maya Martirossyan, Ph.D. '24, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Laura Robert, Continuing Education
  • Willem Schreiber, B.F.A. '25

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